We offer these services:

With over 30 years of experience, our company has applied the newest technical-technological trends in the field of electrical machines, repair operations, maintenance, testing and others depending on the aim to be achieved:

  • reconstruction
  • overhauling
  • service
  • testing

All types of electric machines regardless of use, manufacturer, power, voltage, and insulation class, are repaired. Such equipment already repaired by us are as follows:

  • synchronous machines
  • induction machines
  • direct current machines (with a special stresson on the traction motors, generators, rolling mill motors)
  • rotating electric devices for welding
  • static welding machine
  • electric magnets
  • absorbers
  • electric generating sets
  • rotor and stator starters
  • adjustable transformers
  • dry power transformers



Measuring, testing, and starting electromotive plants

Troubles regarding electromotor drives are often of multidisciplinary nature. For that purpose, tests are carried out by our qualified teams. On the basic of the performed measuring and expertise, there is provided a concrete solution in order to bring the electric motor plant and transformers into working order. Owing to the latest equipment which we possess, most of the measuring and tests are carried on site with the user.


  • testing of the factor of dielectric loss and capacity
  • measuring of the insulation resistance
  • determination of absorption factor
  • determination of polarisation factor
  • dielectric strength test
  • testing of partial discharge
  • testing on high alternating voltage
  • heating of stator stack
  • measuring of vibration and noise
  • laser centering of the plant

In cooperation with our partner, “Rade Koncar” from Skopje, we make these extra services:

Assembling, completion, filter-dehydration of transformer oil, assembling execution, testing and put transformer to work with rated power of 31.5MVA; while for all the above-mentioned services for transformers with rated power of 220 MVA, we cooperate with ETRA 33 from Ljublana.